Weapons Accessory & Protective Equipment Ads Are Now Banned On Facebook

Facebook Banning Weapon Accessories and Protective Equipment

Facebook's Guy Rosen, VP Integrity & Monika Bickert, VP Global Policy Management published a blog post stating that Facebook is now banning advertising for weapon accessories and protective equipment.

"We are banning ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the US at least through January 22, out of an abundance of caution. We already prohibit ads for weapons, ammunition and weapon enhancements like silencers. But we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes, vests and gun holsters in the US."

Facebook already prohibits ads for weapons, ammunition, and silencers.

Let this be a note to law abiding gun-industry business owners that you cannot rely on Facebook to promote your products anymore. Prior to this advertising change, advertisers we able to promote gun safes, vests and holsters in the United States.

Facebook faced criticism from U.S. Senators and employees to remove these items from their advertising platform. Three U.S. senators sent a letter to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, on Friday asking him to permanently block advertisements of products that are clearly designed to be used in armed combat.

Buzzfeed released a story that Facebook displayed body armor and holster ads in the news feeds of people who interacted with the storming of the US Capitol building.

Our opinion is that this is just the beginning. Do not expect Facebook to allow these products back on their advertising platform. The Gun and Protective Equipment industry will have to rely on organic online growth to promote their products or face to Amazon which will take a good chunk of profit margin by using it's platform. 

Advertisers can turn to Content Writing, Producing Videos on YouTube and even Affiliate Marketing as alternatives to promote their products online. Companies should look look at creative gun-industry digital marketing strategies to promote their business online as an alternative to Facebook & Instagram.