What Makes Something Tactical?

The word "tactical" is being thrown a lot these days. From tactical t-shirts to cargo pants, retailers are using tactical to describe a genre of merchandise. The word tactical to the military is different than to a civilian. The military operates on a whole different level than it's civilian counterpart. Tactical products tend to cost more because people assume they are of higher quality but buyer beware, that may not be the case. 

The Origins Of Tactical

So let's look at the origin of the word tactical. Tactical is derived from the Geek phrase taktike techne which is the"art of arrangement" or "taktikos" which means pertaining to arrangement. These terms were commonly referred to in dealing with the "tactics in war". In modern times, we refer to the science of arranging military forces for combat as "military tactics".

What Makes Something Tactical?

When the word tactical is applied to clothing and equipment, they are referring to the quality in which the apparel and equipment are made. Most people associate tactical with the military because of it's origins. Most people associate tactical with military-inspired colors like olive drab or desert tan. The most important underlying quality on what makes something tactical is it's durability and comfort.

The military spends billions of dollars on research and development on gear each year. Quality, durability and mobility are extremely important when you are sending troops to the front lines. If we are saying that a piece of gear or article of clothing is tactical then it needs to uphold basic quality, mobility and durability attributes.

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