About Conversion Tactical


Conversion Tactical is an online store developed by patriots for patriots.  Our parent company, Conversion Pipeline, has been an award-winning digital marketing agency since 2009.  Our founder, Michael Delpierre, served in the Marine Corps, and together with the partners of Conversion Pipeline make a trio of shooting enthusiasts who also know a thing or two about eCommerce. 

After being frustrated by seeing so many foreign companies selling tactical gear into the American market, often selling low quality junk, we decided to procure the highest quality gear, and make it available directly to you. With that goal in mind, Conversion Tactical was born.

Conversion Tactical works out of offices in Fairfax, Virginia.  Please contact us if you have any questions, or are looking for a piece of gear you can't find.  Even if it's not on our site, we can probably get it.